Welcome to Outta Luck, A story I Created with inspiration from Rodgerdoger’s In His Own World. This is my first attempt at a story blog so It might not be as good as some others.

 I have never made a sim quite like Simon, he is a Genius, Bookworm, Clumsy, Hopeless Romantic. This is a stoy and not an experiment, the main plotlines have been decided by me already, but if you want a little say in what happens visit the Polls page. Also, Check my site (http://pabo9999.piczo.com) for the latest updates on, well, everything!

For you newcomers out there, I strongly suggest you read the first one first, so that you get the story.

To The Beginning>>

I hope you guys enjoy!


(By the Way, All of these posts are run through my best friend first, so I don’t repeat ideas or run on)



  1. Very good! Can’t wait for next chapter!!

  2. hey, you guys! can you check out my website! It has games and stuff and a cool sims 3 blog!


  3. hey people, mind checking out my sims story?



  4. Hi… I just wanted to mention, that I’ve started a new story again Hopefully the advertising doesn’t bother anyone… :O I just thought, that someone here possibly has followed my earlier stories (I’ve written 2 quite long ones this far, so it’s not about a first try…) and is interested… The start of the new story is here:


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